Phil Brown: Arkadia is Brown’s latest undertaking with the New Arts Jazztet (Dick Kelley, Bob Allison, Tim Pitchford, Mel Goot, and Ron Coulter) presenting an appetizing selection of 11 originals, 10 by Brown. Imaginative, yet faintly familiar (or perhaps curiously beguiling) jazz recipes in a sequence of flavorful courses, all expertly prepared by these chefs du jazz, and served up with thoughtful care. Expect the unexpected. Recorded July 2012; released October 2014.

"Musically deep, harmonically rich [even luscious in spots]. Great writing, arranging and playing."


— Don Seybold
Host, Inside Jazz, WBAA, Purdue University




Bright Side

Phil Brown: Bright Side once again features Brown with the New Arts Jazztet performing a program of 10 originals 6 by Brown with contributions by each of 4 other NAJ members. The results are a kaleidoscope of fresh jazz sounds and friendly styles. It's all here straightahead, Latin, mainstream, free, groove, funk... expressing a spectrum of different moods intriguing, sultry, exuberant, evocative, insistent, meditative, witty, brooding... Recorded July 2006; released November 2009 


"Phil's music is as much fun to listen to as it is for the musicians to play. They obviously have a blast, and their warmth, groove and swing are highly contagious. Great feeling on both sides of the loudspeakers!"


Jean-Michel Pilc

Hope Street Saunter

The Phil Brown Quartet: Hope Street Saunter is perhaps a celebration of spirit — the creative spirit that is expressed by four musicians, independently and collectively; the human spirit that is conveyed between the composer and the listener; the guiding spirit that is evident in the realization of this project; and of course, the Spirit that connects all things, and connects all things to the present. Spirited performances indeed! Recorded May 2001; released August 2003


"Beautiful. Outstanding music-making!"

— Bob Lark
Director of Jazz Studies, DePaul University

"What a great set of compositions and

— Jim and Laila O'Sullivan
Indiana State University

Darkness Into Light

Phil Brown: Darkness Into Light brings to mind a group of close friends who gather in good company. Conversation drifts from casual to serious, dark to light-hearted, upbeat to blue, serene to lively, and buttoned-down to funky. Like a proverbial fly on the wall, the listener will delight in eavesdropping on these unpretentious deliberations. Featuring FourOnSix, the New Arts Jazz Quartet, and guests, Buddy Rogers, reeds and Wayne Goodwin, drums. Recorded April and May 2000; released August 2006.



"The material is strong... I dig the bass sound and the playing."

Delfeayo Marsalis